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  • Melanie White

    Melanie White

    High school English and Media Studies teacher, Department Head, blogger, addict and trafficker of books, and conscious of privilege.

  • Peggy George

    Peggy George

    Retired elementary principal, university teacher educator, former Classroom 2.0 LIVE webinar co-host, tech geek, grandma

  • Carlos Carballar

    Carlos Carballar

    Comunicador de la ciencia y la cultura y profesor. Aquí se habla de prácticas sociales, cultura digital, educación, trabajo, género y cambio social.

  • Laura Gogia

    Laura Gogia

    Striving for combustible elegance. And the occasionally perfect avocado. #connectedlearning #vcualtlab

  • Art Brodsky

    Art Brodsky

    Communications consultant, recovering journalist

  • Tracee Orman

    Tracee Orman

    I'm a high school English teacher in a 1:1 school who LOVES books like The Hunger Games trilogy, Chaos Walking, so many more. http://t.co/ml5sPsCc

  • Emily Bonilla

    Emily Bonilla

    educator,provoker,pop culture junkie. helping students make meaning out of media. Teacher at Essex County Vocational Bloomfield Tech.2016 Fishman Prize Finalist

  • Corey H. Abramson

    Corey H. Abramson

    Digital Native, New Media Literacy Advocate, Information Based Society Participant, Blues and Soul Enthusiast, FLAC Hunter.

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